I’d be so uncomfortable getting pictures taken! Why would I do that?

There are many reasons, but the first I’ll give you is that you deserve to see that you’re beautiful. Everyone should see themselves the way they look in well-done professional photographs. Our studio has gotten many comments from family members that they were so impressed with the photographs, both because they look great and because they were thrilled that the images they got really brought out the best features and personality of the person the love. Those things will be treasured for years. For the boudoir sessions we’ve done, husbands have said that they really knew their wives loved them because they were willing to step out of comfort zones and shine…just for him. That kind of courage and creativity can really strengthen and reignite a romantic relationship.

Do I have to schedule one type of session at a time?

No! We can combine them! In fact, it’s a great idea to have several different outfit changes depending on the various people who you want seeing the images. Some of our most successful sessions have been those where clients scheduled a “family-friendly” set of outfits and a set of “bedroom” poses. One client was thrilled because she got to happily tell everyone she was just “getting some pictures done”, but she only showed the whole family part of the images – her husband got a great surprise when he saw that she had done an extra set of poses just for him!

For boudoir sessions, do I have to expose more than I want to?

No! There are so many creative and tasteful ways to be flirty and suggestive without revealing nearly as much as a bathing suit would. Creative poses, shooting angles, and placement of clothes or fabric are just some of the ways we can highlight the fun and flirty visuals while still keeping things quite tasteful.

We can also accommodate more daring poses if that’s what you’d prefer. We can even do poses that show more body features while keeping faces discreet. Whatever your taste and goals for the end results are, we will work with you to get that.

How much do you retouch the images? I don’t want to look fake.

We are careful to keep in mind that those around you love you as you are. We strive to eliminate the little nuisance blemishes (every person has some) while keeping those wonderful qualities in place. One thing that we find helps a lot is investing in new clothing or lingerie before the session – the extra boost in confidence often highlights natural confidence and reduces the need for retouches.

Do I need to wear tons of makeup? What about hair and nails?

For clients who prefer to wear their own makeup, we recommend that clients wear about 50% heavier than normal. The extra coverage will enhance some of the most compelling features (like eyes and lips). Nails are essential so plan on a mani/pedi before your appointment. If you want to help ensure a great result, we work with wonderful hair and makeup professionals who are experts at achieving the kind of look clients want to see in their finished images.