MODEL CALL: Shoot the Moon Photography is looking for some kids who love LOVE! For this little project, we’ll be doing some fun, Valentine’s Day inspired shots and are looking for a few kids (various ages) up to the task!

Appropriate clothing will be based on each setup and we’ll give you a better idea of what to wear once we gather a list of interested applicants.

To ensure that we have a great variety, we have an application to fill out! Then, we’ll select the best fit based on the times you’re available as well as what we need for this project.

Models receive a FREE session plus $100 print credit towards anything you may like to order.

Thank you for your interest in being a model! Please fill out the application so we can get to know you. Our decisions of those selected will be based on first come first serve AND selecting a variety of different types of sessions. We will be picking a variety ages and combinations. While we may not be able to use every applicant for this project, we’ll certainly keep applications for the future!

You can expect your session to last approximately 20-30 minutes so please come camera ready.

  • *Please note that weekend time slots are limited. Preference is given to those able to make weekday or weeknight spots. We have early evenings available Mondays and Wednesdays. If you have flexibility to come during the week that is best. *Hint: Check for days off of school, late start or early release dates and we can also do lunch hour times.
  • You can always check out here for inspiration:
  • (Kids only for this one, please)
  • (i.e. Gifts, Milestones etc..)
  • The more info we have the better. Size, colors etc. We can create something beautiful!
  • Share anything you like that will help make this session perfect!